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We suggest you use the BPS patch format if you are able to. This patch format will verify that you have the correct rom before applying the patch. This way you won't have to deal with having an improper rom and trying to get it to work. It will patch if you have the right one, and it won't if you don't. Similarly, UPS and XDELTA can also test for the correct rom before patching.

The only drawback to these formats are that they do not work with softpatching via the emulator. For that you'll still need IPS format patches. Therefore, we will still continue to provide IPS patches for you to use. However, please before asking for help with IPS patches, try one of the other formats so that you can verify you have the proper rom first.

Software is programs that were made by Dynamic Designs staff. These programs might or might not be game translation/hacking related.

Utilities are programs which are not made by the Dynamic Designs staff. We are providing them so you'll have them handy for use with our patches. Since we are not the author's of these programs, we can not implement any new features or anything. We can provide general help for them in the forum but anything beyond general help, please contact the author of the program for assistance.

Finally, all utilities listed should only be taken as a suggestion for one possible tool you can use for that patching format and are placed here for your convenience. If you have another preferred tool, by all means please do use it.