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Post subject: Re: Bummer, getting an error, than a game freeze early on
PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2013 10:16 pm 
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DoubleDvideogames wrote:
Hey, one Question:

Does "Law" get more exp. but less money and "Chaos" get more money but less exp.?

I wonder which path is harder, if the aforementioned is true. What if you are able to maintain neutral the entire time? Is that possible? It is a balance of the other two styles?

After my emblem was downgraded to Valkyrie in that odd battle (Battle 24) that did not end even though I had all 12 on the platform at the top of the tower, by battle 26 it was upgraded back to Feda. But even though I did as told in battle 27, I ONLY killed the two troopers and nothing else, I was again downgraded from Feda to Valkyrie - odd. Been following orders since, and about to go into Battle 33, still at Valkyrie. Anyone have any ideas? ( I guess Feda is very hard to maintain, wow).

Not many of my characters have died lately. A few died while I was on Feda, but I mainted the Feda emblem even after they died and were revived. Seems very complex, the emblem system...

I'll try to answer this to the best of my ability. Emblems work in a linear progression, as described by the graphic I made (and that was shipped with the latest patch for the sake of player convenience); so as long as you plan your final emblem ahead and battle accordingly, you should be able to stay neutral by the end. The linearity works both ways, towards law and chaos equally.
My assumption is rescuing lost characters counts as a lost battle even if you win, in regards to alignment, so even if you revive characters it will tilt the balance against you overall.

Its all really relative to your playstyle. Law will give you fixed amounts of money and exp at the end of every battle only, but the advantage is everyone stays more or less at the same level thanks to equal distribution. Chaos only gives exp to characters dealing killing blows but you can have virtually unlimited money, albeit in small amounts at a time.

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