Auran Village report and guidance for testers
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Author:  Wildbill [ Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Auran Village report and guidance for testers

This whole thing is a spoiler, and it's for testers only, so if you're not a tester and/or don't like spoilers, don't read it!

Spoiler! :
This Auran Village block (#45) has vexed me since last year when I first started working on this game. For some odd reason, the game's designers made Auran Village a hotbed of dynamic complexities, and that extends even past mid-game, after the whole darned region is plunged under the ocean for keeps! Funny thing is, many gamers will blast right through Auran early in the game, when it's nothin', and never go back! I didn't go back much during my first three plays, and that's why I'm wrestling with it again in my 4th play - trying to sort out multiple broken features in Auran. Thing is, none of these features affect game progress or outcome. It's just back-story related only to Auren residents.

A lot of VERY strange events can start happening in Auren, right after the girls are rescued from Dogler's Fort. That's when testers should go back the first time, after Bongo` and I have tried to straighten out a few things. When you do, talk to everyone in Auran multiple times. Events in Auren tie into variables that pull from Misc Files, and some variables don't pull at all - instead displaying garble or pulling the wrong variables from the Misc files. Then, testers should return to Auran repeatedly after reaching each new village or location in the game, especially after sub-boss battles, until the doggone population, new construction, and dialogue there stabilizes, probably just before entering Dorado City and battling Fat Badger.

If any of you find problems in Auran before Bongo` and I fix it and send an updated ROM, submit your reports anyway. Seems like every time I go into Auran, some new crazy thing pops up!

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