GDC 2016 - Emulation as a means to save gaming history
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Author:  ObiKKa [ Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDC 2016 - Emulation as a means to save gaming history

Ah. This is good news. Since recently in this year, the US government has been considering providing DMCA exceptions to allow fans and preservationists to preserve old, defunct MMO games (They're usually on the PC only, but online games being degrees of order more difficult to digitally preserve and all these shenanigans than the singleplayer games of yesteryear and in the modern times...) and keep them running. I think this is big news and possibly may pave the start of a trend to act on keeping digital memory of the online games (Either online-only or games with a mix of offline & online play capabilities).

This trend did start in a limited form two years prior (Mainly tailored for PC games). This 'quasi-battle' between the DMCA (& similar laws around the world) and the need for video game preservation (Especially as it is a much newer media format compared to movie-making, music, books & etc) is certainly a heady subject matter for sure.

Did anyone remember reading some of those blog reports at the Dolphin emulator website and how hard it was for their team to preserve that Dragon Quest X's online functionality through the emulator (Just before the servers were shut down officially)?
https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/02/the-day-the-mario-kart-died-nintendos-killswitch-and-the-future-of-online-consoles/ (Good example re. the online DS/Wii games. KYLE ORLAND - 2/28/2014.)

Old news from two years ago:

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