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Author:  SylarDean [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Snes RPG Gaming

ObiKKa wrote:
SylarDean wrote:
OMG! after all this time I have found a backup of my old website, but it's an early version so a lot of stuff missing to the point i had got too.
I'm debating on should i combine it all back onto 'Snes RPG Gaming' .. just means a little more work in getting things back up to scratch
and probs rearranging a few pages.. the website would then cover... 'Nes', 'Game Boy', 'Game Boy Color', 'Snes/BS-X', and 'Gameboy Advanced' rpg's.

YYYEEESSS!!! That's great! Did you find it on your PC or from the backend server maintaining your website? Will you be able to save a backup of those resurrected content on your current website on either your PC or that third-party server?

Yes, I'd like for you to bring them up one category by one. I need to ask you, did you actually research all of the RPGs and adventures that have appeared on the Famicom Disk System (FDS), which was a pretty good add-on to the Famicom system?

I didnt cover the FDS addon for the NES originally but I COULD look into adding it in at a later time, i think at the time I had left it out cos there wasn't many games translated to English for it.. or at least, not many I could find at the time. Considering this old backup i found covered the BS-X also i dont see why I couldnt add the FDS onto the site now also, as it IS part of the Nintendo franchise after all.

The backup was saved onto a disc i put it on and stored it away, i just so happened to be looking through old music discs and found it, a lucky find i guess. The good thing about Weebly is that it can create a whole backup of your site and put it into a zip file, then you can store away, so i musta saved it onto a blank cd and ttally forgot about it LOL!. If anything goes wrong with your website you can just unzip and reload it all back into weebly again with nothing missing.

Well, seems you'd be excited to see it all back to how my website was originally intended to be like.. so i'll work on it, i'll get the Snes/Nes pages all sorted then and re-incorporate the two sites back together, hahaha... this will probs take me a couple of days, cos I will need to go through ALL the Snes review pages also to edit anything that may look out of place with it's older template, which in MY opinion looks MUCH better than what the website template looks like at the moment.

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