Released, UPDATED! G.O.D. V1.00
Happy Easter!

Welcome to you all, my lambs, on this ever-so glorious day in which we celebrate the resurrection of our savior and son of G.O.D., the Lord Almighty! Although... Hold your tidings of joy and gratitude, for this also be an occasion for mischievous trickery! Wait...! No, don't browse to another site! Hold on...! No...! I promise it's not an April fools prank! C'mon! Keep reading!

*ahem* That's right, folks! After roughly 4 years of production, G.O.D. is ready for the world to play! It may have taken longer than planned and may have been fraught with slowdowns, but this great, classic RPG has finally attained the level of attention, detail, and polish it so deserves. Please see the readme for more details on the production process.

I strongly believe that G.O.D. is (was) one of the last great untranslated SNES RPGS. Before I began working on it, I did a very wide search for information about the game, but it was extremely difficult to come up with anything. I could find a couple of Japanese sites, and a few so-so FAQs in English, but really...nothing substancial - at least not what you would expect to find for a game that also received a PSX remake. After having delved into the scripts and game, I now fully understand why the game didn't get localized (sorry... spoilers), and it's a real shame that it didn't because the game is wonderful! In fact, I'm crossing my fingers that the SNES translation will draw more attention to the PSX remake in the hopes that someone will take a stab at it someday.

As always, a big thanks goes out to everyone involved. There's no way I could have gotten the game so polished without you. You all deserve big pats on the back and have my utmost respect. This patch is dedicated to the families of all members at D-D and the families of everyone involved on this project. Thank you so much for putting up with us and allowing us the time to work on this great hobby!

At this time, our G.O.D. English patch is available in all offered formats. Please visit our download section or the project page to obtain patches and have fun!

And if you think that was all we had, keep scrolling for another big treat!

UPDATE: Patch version 1.00 updated. Fixes several things, including the bug preventing players from resurrecting during battle.

04/01/2018 - Draken, Bongo`, and the Entire D-D Team
Updated one more time! Released! Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle v1.03
Happy Easter!

Did you think we'd stop at just one release? Not when the Easter rabbit hopped on by and made sure we also put this in everyone's Easter basket.

That's right, folks! We don't just have one game to entice you on this joyous holiday, we have two.

This game came about because Bongo` wanted to give something back for Filler being as awesome as he is and helping us out with so many projects and spot translation requests. Filler listed a few games he'd like to someday see in English and this was at the top of the list. Bongo` got to work hacking it and soon enough Filler had a script in hand. He soon had said script translated and edited and asked Taskforce if he might have time to knock out the graphics. Taskforce did just that and then also helped do final beta testing. And here we are ready for release.

At this time, our Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle English patch is available in all offered formats. Please visit our download section or the project page to obtain patches and we hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Update: Version 1.01 released! I had a small snafu before release where a couple of winner name graphics got replaced with the Japanese version. This issue has now been taken care of. Please download the latest version for the fix for this issue.

Second Update: Version 1.02 released! This version translates Genma the Panda's signs. It also fixes the Herb being Herd on the Winner Graphic. Finally, it fixes the Continue/End screen so that the P-chan icon doesn't go under the End graphic.

Third Update: Version 1.03 released! Sorry about this but we had some files that seems to have gotten swapped with old versions. I thought I got them all in 1.01 and 1.02 but I missed one name. I hope this will be the final release but who knows the way this has been going. Again, sorry for the trouble.

04/01/2018-04/17/2018 - Filler, Bongo`, Taskforce and the Entire D-D Team
Announcement! Shiji Hero Legend
Dynamic Designs is letting all of you aficionados of historical fiction out there know that were are officially translating this Super Famicom game and building an English patch for it. The important news is this work, as far as we know, is the only SNES classic turn-based Role Playing Game ever built around 100% accurate historical accounts of actual events. The fiction component means that many characters - typical of everyday people during the "times" of those events - are plugged into the story in order to bring the overall scenery to life.

The major players, however, are in just about every case traceable to the "movers and shakers" of the age. Even the hero -YOU, if you play this game in Japanese (or English - someday) is a person who lived and breathed and shaped ancient Chinese history. One caveat, though... This is ancient Chinese history viewed through Japanese eyes. A huge challenge we have in creating an English patch reminds me of the name of an amateur translation group that emerged about 20 years ago, called "DeJap" Yes, that's what we must do with the script at times too numerous to count - convert Japanese terminology and Katakana to correct Pinyin (English transliteration) matches on mainland China.

For example, anything related to the Han Republic that existed in 300 B. C. frequently comes up as "Korea" in the machine. Go from there and multiply the translation experience with Han subjects seven times, and the labor quickly becomes daunting! This is the era of the game, 300 B. C., and officially it's called "The Warring States Period" in Chinese history, a time when seven "princes" is seven realms battled to replace the fading Zhou Dynasty. Those kingdoms included Zhou, Han, Chu, Qi, Wei, Yan, and Qin.

One caveat early on is that the Japanese writers "playfully" introduced a variety of famous people, legends, anecdotes, and even a chunk of prehistoric Japanese folklore into the plot that sort of "spills out" of the precise boundaries of the Warring States Period. Don't despair, though, you hard core history buffs. If you love RPGs, this will work for you, we're sure. Bongo' has been cobbling together the structure of this game since before 2012. He "lost" all of his work for a few years, then he found it again.

As of the date of this announcement, we already have a V0.58 English beta, so this thing has flashed into a hyper-active production cycle at almost lightning speed! At the present time we have a team of four. Bongo` is the reverse engineer, Taskforce is the font designer and graphics artist, Hausen is the period advisor and coach, and Wildbill is the translator, English story writer, and project coordinator. As with Silva Saga-II and Super Shell Monster Story-II before it, Wildbill has already translated more than half of the script. Previously, fine translators such as Shiva Indus (SS-II) and Gerb (SSMS-II) joined those efforts and backstopped Wildbill perfectly.

To derive the best possible reading of the Shiji Hero Legend script, we could certainly use more expert translation support with this game, but we WILL get the job done, sooner or later. Finally, the Japanese Roomaji name of this game is "Shiki Eiyuuden". Shiki is Japanese for Chinese "Shiji", THE official ancient Chinese history written by the Sima Clan. The rest of the Japanese title includes the words "Hero", Legend", "Dragon", and "Sage". We shortened our English name for reasons that will become apparent to those who play the game. Soon, we will create a project page for "SHL", and a discussion board is already active. Interested parties may follow progress at either venue.

Here is a link to a demo video of Shiji Hero Legend (Spoilers):

Shiji Hero Legend - Hero Meets Lord Xinling in Daliang

03/29/2018 - Bongo`, Wildbill, Taskforce, and Hausen
Released! La Wares V1.00
Happy Valentine's Day!

At first blush, our La Wares saga may not feel much like a love story in the spirit of Saint Valentine, but as "The Swami Sez" (Chris Berman), "That's why they play the game!"

This Super Famicom game patch in English is the end result of a collaboration between translator Eien ni Hen and Bongo`. Once Bongo` built the tools, he intended to offer it to Red Soul for coordinating the finishing touches. However, around that time, Red Soul became inactive in D-D. Instead, Recca took on the task of smoothing out the first insertion of English text but promptly turned that effort into a Romanian patch for La Wares that we released in 2015.

Thereafter, Wildbill took on the coordination of La Wares - English, but he was in the midst of wrapping up other project work ahead of it, including a contribution to Chaos Seed and the finishing touches and release of Super Shell Monsters Story-I. Then, Wildbill departed D-D on an unexpected two-year hiatus, to attend to family matters. When he returned to duty in late 2017, he quickly helped get Princess Minerva and La Wares rolling again, and here we are with the release of the latter mentioned game, less than two months following the Christmas present of Princess Minerva.

La Wares is a turn-based RPG that is somewhat shorter in length than our usual fare. Still, the beta testers have reported it is a fun play. The game combines elements of mechanized fighting in the field with typical combat against monsters in dungeon settings. Naturally, the fates of kingdoms, queens, and princesses are at stake, and an unlikely hero emerges to conduct actions that may accomplish what whole armies fail to achieve.

Shouts-out go to Eien ni Hen, Bongo` Recca, Draken, Taskforce, Filler, and our four testers (MariusB, SylarDean, akualung, and Recca again) for propelling this work to a successful conclusion. This patch is dedicated to Red Soul. At this time, our La Wares - English patch is available in all offered formats. Please visit our download section or the respective project page to obtain patches for either La Wares - English or Romanian - and enjoy!

02/14/2018 - Eien ni Hen, and the Entire D-D Team
Announcement! 3X3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon
This Super Famicom project has sat in Filler's queue for more than a dozen years at Matt's Messy Room. Based on both anime and manga by Yuzo Takada that have been popular in Japan for decades, this classic turn-based RPG loosely incorporates a number of volumes, chapters, and characters from the manga series. The introduction is based on a theme in Volume 6.

At the beginning of the game, male hero Yakumo is already immortal, waiting impatiently in Tokyo for the return of female heroine Pai - the last of the "Sanjiyan" (a supernatural race that evolved separately from humans but some call "monsters"). The story follows the time Pai skipped out on a showdown battle with the arch-villain Beneres, the "Wu" (a human soul consumed by a Sanjiyan) of the Demon-eye King, leaving Yakumo in the lurch!

Pai's sudden return, as Hong Kong-based investigative reporter (and monster-exterminator) Ling-Ling is inspecting a mysterious shaft of light hovering over Dream Island in Tokyo Bay, kicks off this rollicking role-playing adventure. Yakumo and Pai embark on a quest to save a "holy land" in Asia that is threatened by an unsealed "cocoon" monster that is capable of mummifying its victims! Eventually, finding keys to this holy land will require world travel.

Both Filler and KingMike performed early work on a patch for this game. Much later, Bongo` built new tools and is currently scheduling coding tasks that will produce a complete insertion system. Within the last week, Wildbill joined the team as story writer and will also carry out production work. Having already completed most of the translations required, Filler will continue serving as project coordinator.

We have not set a time limit for completing this project.

Here is a link to a video of the nearly completed first draft of the introduction:

Introduction to 3X3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon

02/03/2018 - Filler, Bongo`, and Wildbill